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Ostomyland Chat Channel

Go Directly To The Java Version of the Chat Channel

The Chat is now open 24/7! That's right, no matter when you want to chat, someone will probably be in the room wanting to chat with you. Please feel free to drop in any time and introduce yourself. We won't bite! :)

Please Read The Following If you Haven't Joined The Chat Before

Welcome to the best Ostomy Chat Channel on the net. Jason Dale from England and I are partners in this chat channel. We recently experienced a channel high of 24 people chatting at once and have had over 50 people coming and going during the 3+ hours we're there. It's called "#Ostomyland" and is open to ostomates, those contemplating an ostomy or those just plain curious about it all :-) Jason is a Colostomate and I am an Ileostomate so between us we should be able to help you with most of your queries - if not, I'm sure someone else in the chat will be able to offer advice.

If you wish to speak to any of the operators privately you may do so via the private message function (private messages are NOT logged in anyway)

Please be patient if using the Java Chat Page as it can take a little time to load.

Once it is fully loaded, go to about half way down the page and type in the nickname you want to use on the channel, click "Enter" and watch the magic happen. That's all there is to it!

In my opinion, IRC (Internet Relay Chat) is a much easier (and stabler), especially if you have a slow computer, alternative way to join the chat. If you already have access to IRC (which I recommend rather than the Java Chat), go to any server (preferrably the one closest to you in location) and log on to #ostomyland.

If you don't have IRC downloaded, go to the specially configured IRC Version of the chat and download it. It will take you straight to the chat room once you've set it up (which isn't hard!).

There is an organised chat at 8.00pm UK time every Saturday night. Here is a nifty timezone converter to help you find your local time.

Of course, you are welcome to use the Chat Channel at any times should you wish to chat with friends. If no one is on the Channel when you connect, don't despair - just keep trying - or why not leave a message on the Ostomy Message Board and try and coordinate a time with others so you can meet up and chat?

Calling All Aussies

Please note: we have a chat set at Aussie times on Sunday nights - 7pm Perth time. Of course anyone from around the world can join us as well.

The URL for the chat is

Download IRC Version of the Chat

Here is a version of mIRC that Jason has especially configured and set up for the channel. If you have never used mIRC before then this is the version for you. It is much simpler and easier to read than the java version.

Download the IRC version now (1MB).

After the download, click on the self-installing file. Open the mirc_ostomyland folder now located on your C: Drive and click the icon to start the program.

Once started the program will bring up the set up screen. Simply fill in where indicated to fill in (ie real name, email address, nickname, alternative nickname) then click on "Connect to IRC Server" button and you'll join the server and be taken straight to the room with no commands needed. Dead simple.

What does :-) mean?

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