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Partners/Family Members/Carers of those who have had Ostomy Surgery Contact List - Page 1

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29 Jun 2005
Name: Jenny
Age: 34
Country: Canada
Surgery: Colostomy
IBD: Gardners Syndrome
More Info: Hello, my name is Jenny and i'm writing this on behalf of my husband who had an ileostomy 4 years ago. We know have 2 children who are at risk of getting this disease. He has had constant complications from his surgery for the last four years. he's in constant pain and is always bleeding. We as a family would like for him to be able to live a pretty normal live and to be pain free. He wants to be able to enjoy watching our three children grow up without being in pain. If anyone has any information for us we would like to hear from you and also if you are a spouse dealing with the news of this disease we would like to hear from you. Any information would be appreciated. Hope to hear from someone. Thanks a lot Jenny

17 May 2003
Name: Nurse Carol
Age: 61
Country: Eureka, California, USA
Surgery: Colostomy
IBD: Cancer
More Info: My husband was diagnosed with colon/bladder cancer with metastasis to the liver. He began Chemo right after surgery and is tolerating that very well. The colostomy has been our biggest adjustment. He does not do any of his own care with it. I am used to working full time in a large medical office so this is very different for me to stay home. I am new with the computer but found this site to be so helpful.
2 May 2003
Name: Tara Stiefel
Age: 30
Country: USA
Surgery: Ileostomy
More Info: I am the spouse of a 32 year old man that has lived with ulcerative colitis for 7 years and recently had surgery and now has a permenant ileostomy.What a GREAT change.
29 April 2003
Name: Sima
Age: 35
Country: USA
Surgery: Ileostomy
More Info: Husband had ileostomy surgery 6/02 following colitis and diagnosis of colon cancer 3/02. I found lots of help on this board and hope I can help others!
26 December 2002
Name: Linda
Age: 43
Country: Perth, Western Australia
Surgery: Colostomy
IBD: Cancer
More Info: My 73 year old mother recently had a colostomy after three cancer ops in four years and now has a permanent stoma. She is experiencing problems with the pouches not sticking properly,(maybe due to extreme heat condtions here in West Australia) and therefore is having leakage problems. She also has constant diarrhoea. This is all very distressing for her and any feed back from people with helpful ideas would be gratefully accepted.
15 September 2002
Name: Missy Davis
Age: 39
Country: Florence, Kentucky, USA
Surgery: Urostomy
IBD: Cancer
More Info: Hi everyone. My mom is staying with me until she fully recovers from her urostomy. It has been about 2 and a half weeks now that she has been here. Originally, she lives in South Carolina, but no one is there to care for her, so here she is! :) She is 71 and a very stong lady... physically... emotionally she is very fragile. I am afraid that she won't be able to handle this all by herself and she and I know of no one else that has had this surgery where she lives. Guess I will have to get her a computer so she can communicate with all those wonderful people that I have met on e-mail. Any time anyone else would like to talk, e-mail me. It's nice talking with others no matter what and if you have any advice, I am all ears! Missy :) Take care!
27 June 2002
Name: Maryann
Age: 25
Country:Belfast, Ireland
MSN Messenger:
AIM: SPanglesMcK
Yahoo Messenger:onespangles
Surgery: Boyfriend has ileostomy due to UC

22 Feb 2002
Name: Lucy Lawrence
Age: 38
Country:Sydney, Australia
MSN Messenger:
Yahoo Messenger:LawrenceWench
Surgery: Husband has ileostomy due to UC

30 Dec 2001
Name: Ronda
Age: 34
Country:Toledo, USA
Surgery: Husband will have an ileostomy
More Info: My husband is having his colon removed Jan 21, 2002 and he will have an ileostomy. I just wanted to know what other family members have gone through and how they cope. Hes not in this alone. I want to help him through this. Any info would be helpful.
7 Oct 2001
Name: Kathy
Age: 44
Country: England
Surgery: Husband has an ileostomy due to CD

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