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Stoma Picture Gallery

These are pics of other people's stomas so that those who are yet to have surgery can get some idea of what to expect. Please note that when you first have surgery your stoma will be swollen due to the trauma of having surgery - it will decrease in size for the first few weeks until it settles down (which is why you should measure it every time you change your bag to make sure that you have the right sized hole for your stoma).

Also remember that stomas can vary in length and diametre - some can be long whilst others are flush to the skin, some can be tiny and others are bigger, so if yours doesn't look like those on these pages, don't worry, it's probably normal anyway.

If you have a picture of your stoma and would like to have it placed on these pages, please send it to and I will put it here as soon as I can.

Please do not 'take' any of these pics without emailing me to ask permission first, thanks.

Ileostomy Pics
Colostomy Pics
Urostomy Pics
Dual Ostomy Pics
(ie two ostomies)
Reversal Scars
Kock Pouch Pics
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If you would like to use any of the images in these pages, please email me to get permission. Thanks.

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