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I had surgery at the age of 16, following years of debilitating disease with Crohns.

When I was 16, knowing, and feeling, that I could be - and finally was - well (thanks to surgical intervention and a permanent ileostomy) meant all the difference in my world.

I married and divorced, neither in any way connected with the ostomy.

I worked in the world of business, as an Administrative Manager and Assistant. I was self-supporting.

I cannot tell you that living with an ostomy has been easy. For me it was not. I did struggle with my body image, but I never found it to be a real obstacle in terms of personal relationships. Just as I had to get used to wearing a pouch and changing it - and to the need to have open access to rest rooms at all times - so did friends and partners.

Because there is scarring in the area of my ostomy, I change my pouch daily, sometimes twice. I wear a disposable pouch with an open end. My ostomy is incontinent. I purchase all of my ostomy supplies from Torbot, in Rhode Island.

I am now 61. I write poetry for children. I was a small newspaper Editor-In-Chief for a well-known international society. I am presently single and my health is good.

I hope this helps someone about to have ostomy surgery. There most certainly is life with an ostomy. Make what you can and want of it.

Thank you.





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